South Dakota Technology Business Center

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We are dedicated to providing a supportive environment for new and early-stage businesses, helping them to create and develop innovative technologies that will shape the future of South Dakota.

Rich Naser - Director

SD Technology Business Center

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The Technology Business Center is where DocuTAP was able to establish the necessary foundation for building a business. The staff was instrumental in providing more than just a building and services. They were able to provide DocuTAP with relationships and networking opportunities that enabled our company to be as successful as it is today.

Eric McDonald-CEO, Founder


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The SDTBC has been instrumental to DataSync through many transitions. SDTBC staff have provided us valuable services, resources, and infrastructure that have helped us grow and innovate.

Mike Vetter - CEO, Founder


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The affordability of space at SDTBC along with the services that come with locating here have been a large factor in the success of Chenega Logistics in its first 3+ years of business.

Joe Collette - Former Director of Compliance

Chenega Logistics, LLC

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