South Dakota Technology Business Center

South Dakota Technology Business Center and Augustana University Partner on Entrepreneurship Initiative

Organizations launch Entrepreneurial Mindset Academy

AU_EMASioux Falls, S.D March 8, 2016 – The South Dakota Technology Business Center (SDTBC), an entrepreneurship organization serving emerging businesses today announced a partnership with the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Augustana University to launch a new “Entrepreneurial Mindset Academy.” The Academy is an eight-week program designed to educate participants on how to discover problem-solving opportunities and think like entrepreneurs.

While Augustana is utilizing faculty to lead the program–focused on fundamental aspects and practical applications of an entrepreneurial mindset–the SDTBC is tapping its broad network of Sioux Falls entrepreneurs and business leaders as speakers.

“We’re excited to partner with the SDTBC on this initiative to promote entrepreneurial thinking for individuals in a variety of roles,” said Dr. Pam Homan, executive director for the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Augustana. “This relationship allows us to partner with business leaders and entrepreneurs through the SDTBC’s broad network to bridge a classroom education with the real world applications.”

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Academy is led by Augustana assistant professor of business administration, Shelly Gardner, a trained facilitator of the Icehouse Entrepreneurship Program. The program can benefit a wide-range of individuals including budding entrepreneurs, business owners, managers; employees empowered to be innovative, non-profit professionals and fundraising executives.

“This partnership is a great collaboration between academia our Sioux Falls’ entrepreneurial business community,” said Rich Naser, STBC president. “Cultivating the ‘Entrepreneurial Mindset’ is certainly part of our mission to foster entrepreneurship and innovation as well as adding valuable programming for our start-up clients.”

The initial Academy will be held from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. each Thursday beginning April 7 through May 26 at Augustana with following academies hosted by the SDTBC at its newly remodeled facility.

“We hope this is the start of many joint efforts with the SDTBC where we can bring together the bright minds of our students, faculty and entrepreneurs of Sioux Falls to facilitate learning and grow our university and business communities,” added Homan.

Cost for the eight-week academy is $500 plus the cost of materials. Participants completing the program will receive a signed Certificate of Completion from Augustana University. For more information visit:

“These partnerships contribute to growing an entrepreneurial community to keep new ideas, products, and businesses emerging and our economy thriving,” Naser added.