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Alexander Open Systems, Inc.

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Alexander Open Systems, Inc. is headquartered in Kansas, with offices in Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Texas. The Sioux Falls office re-located from its downtown location to the SD Technology Business Center in February 2011.

AOS specializes in architecting, implementing and supporting an expansive portfolio of solutions. These offerings range from Enterprise Network, Unified Communications, Storage and Virtualization to Physical and Information Security, Managed Services, GIS, SharePoint and more.

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Antimicrobial Materials, Inc.

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Antimicrobial Materials, Inc. is an emerging technology company that employs patent-pending antimicrobial technology. They are headquartered in South Dakota, consistently ranked as one most business-friendly states in the nation.

AMI is tackling the global problem of harmful microbes with a brilliant, simple, killer solution. Using a novel patent-pending technology, AMI wants to make the world safe from the start. Their mission is to improve people’s lives by proactively solving problems associated with microbial growth.

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Avitus Group

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Avitus Group, founded in Billings, MT in 1996 is an international company focusing on simplifying, strengthening and growing businesses with a vast array of service offerings. Avitus Group handles the burdensome yet necessary functions of business operations by offering solutions for Payroll, Bookkeeping, HR and Safety, Information Technology, Marketing and Benefits Administration.

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Cloudcast Radio

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Cloudcast provides content for radio stations all across the country. As of now, 49 radio stations subscribe to our programming services. In addition to this, we own Sunny Radio in Sioux Falls and Sioux City, IA.

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Dandy Pack LLC

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Dandy Pack designs and sells lightweight, flat-pack furniture for Real Estate Home Staging. Our goal is to provide furnishings that are easy to transport, carry, and store.

Our furnishings save our customers time and money. Whether Staging vacant rooms or replacing a homeowner's unbecoming furnishings, stagers save time and money using Dandy Pack's patented products.

Today, 90% of home searches start on the internet. The average time spent viewing a photo by homebuyers is 3 seconds. If the photos are not appealing, buyers click past that listing. That is why Staged homes are more important then ever!

Enterprise Institute

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The Enterprise Institute is a private, non-profit corporation that provides customized business development, commercialization, and market research services to entrepreneurs, inventors, and startup companies in South Dakota. Their mission is to assist South Dakota's emerging growth entrepreneurs.

They provide free, confidential consulting through the SD Small Business Development Center. Specialized fee-based services are also available to entrepreneurs seeking equity financing and to researchers and inventors that need commercialization assistance.

The Institute is credited with formalizing angel investing in South Dakota by organizing and administering angel investment funds. These funds provide early-stage capital to emerging growth companies in the region.

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Equity Trust

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Equity Trust is the nation's leading provider of Self-Directed IRAs and 401ks, with over 130,000 clients in all 50 states and approximately $12 billion of retirement plan assets under administration.

Truly Self-Directed IRAs and other retirement plans allow you to create lasting wealth by investing in areas where you have knowledge, expertise, and comfort. In addition to traditional retirement investments such as stocks and mutual funds, clients at Equity Trust can diversify their retirement plans into assets such as real estate, private placements, notes, deeds of trust, tax liens, foreign currency and much more.

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Inanovate’s mission is to provide the Life Sciences industry with the world's leading technology for screening and analysing proteins.

To achieve this mission, Inanovate has developed a revolutionary technology for the detection and measurement of multiple proteins called Longitudinal Assay Screening (LAS). LAS has since been integrated into Inanovate’s first product – The Bio-ID 400.

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JCS & Associates, Inc.

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JCS & Associates, Inc. is a proven information systems security Value Added Reseller. From having achieved top sales leadership as McAfee's # 1 worldwide licensing agent in the early 90s, to attaining unrivaled success in the end-point, server and network security market, JCS & Associates, Inc. has sold, installed and deployed more endpoint, server and network security solutions than any other individual Value Added Reseller in North America. JCS & Associates, Inc's expertise helps the customer accelerate the evaluation, proof of concept and executive buy-in cycle for end-point, server and network security solutions. We understand the challenges, constraints and competitive landscape intimately, and can help guide you through the process with a minimal amount of headaches and hassles. And most importantly, our solutions scale and work in our customer’s environment as promised.

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Johnke Farm Soy Candles

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Johnke Farm Soy Candles makes premium, hand-poured soy candles and soy melts. Their candles are made with 100% all natural soy wax, which burns longer and cleaner than paraffin or soy blend candles. They launched their home business in 2005 and now have moved to SDTBC to expand operations. They currently sell their product to 14 local retailers such as HyVee, Sunshine, SD Wine & Gift (Empire Mall), The Flower Mill, Meredith & Bridget’s Flower Shop, some hair salons and other gift shops. They sell online at and provide fundraising.

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Mitogenetics, LLC is a research and development company that is currently focused on the research development and refinement of biomedical technology, in particular primordial energy control and signaling systems regulating mitochondrial metabolism.

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ModelWorks, LLC

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ModelWorks, LLC raises the clarity and appeal of visual communication to new heights by creating spectacularly immersive 3D models and crowd-pleasing motion graphics using cutting-edge modeling and animation software. Specializing in creating physically-based interactive models close on the heels of the most talented leaders in the entertainment industry, ModelWorks holds a razor-sharp focus on creating high-quality visual media, from video games to animated titles for promotional videos. ModelWorks fits well alongside existing production teams, adding the allure of movement to a graphic designer's art style, or placing motion-tracked titles directly into the world of a video producer's perfect shot.

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NanoBlood LLC

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NanoBlood LLC is a nanomedicine company developing an innovative nanoparticle as a nRBC with multiple therapeutic activities. NanoBlood LLC is developing this multifunctional nRBC as a life saving therapeutic for meeting the need to correct insufficient blood flow and oxygen supply in critical care patients and those in need of blood transfusion.


Nexus Smart Pay

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With Nexus Smart Pay, you can pay with just your finger, for free! No cellphones, no plastic and no paper. At any merchant that accepts Nexus Smart Pay, all you need is you. Nexus Smart Pay will e-mail you a receipt after your purchase and then draft the digital payment automatically. Nexus Smart Pay is exclusively in Rapid City, South Dakota. They are just getting started and they can't think of a better place to be.

ODIN Hunting Products

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ODIN Hunting Products prides itself in producing equipment for the hunting community with unmatched safety and attention to detail. Deep passion for hunting and the outdoors, combined with a strong engineering background, has driven ODIN to push the boundaries for hunter safety and versatility.

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Open Fields Recruiting

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Open Fields Recruiting, headquartered in America's Dakotas, connects exceptionally talented university students and graduates with perspective employers seeking young talent. The connections are managed using a variety of "relationship-building" (student engagement) processes beginning while students are undergraduates, and include internships, interviewing and recruiting. They also will train corporate staff in on campus recruiting, implementing the latest trends in student engagement. You determine the level of their involvement. Their work is supported by a network of accredited universities here, and beyond; respected educational institutions preparing students in the skill sets our clients find in short supply, but in great demand.

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pharmaCline® is an innovative technology and pharmaceutical company that has developed a patent-pending drug delivery technology and game-changing product line of topical hypoallergenic antimicrobial drugs. With already listed FDA formulations, the Company, a registered US wholesale drug distributor, has developed a new generation of antimicrobial agents exhibiting high efficacy in human field studies as well as in comprehensive pre-clinical testing at an independent laboratory and at a pre-eminent university school of pharmacy. These agents greatly reduce the risk of resistance forming strains, which present as a danger to patients worldwide and are now ready for rapid penetration within both the human and animal pharmaceutical and medical products industry.


POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels, LLC

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POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels draws on the strengths of U.S.-based POET (a global leader in grain bio-ethanol production) and the Netherlands-based DSM (a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials) to unlock the enormous energy potential of cellulosic bio-ethanol. POET-DSM has built its first commercial-scale plant – Project LIBERTY – in Emmetsburg, Iowa. That uses corn cobs, leaves, husk and some stalk to produce renewable fuel. Based on this plant, the JV plans to globally license an integrated technology package for conversion of corn crop residue to cellulosic bio-ethanol to third parties as well as other existing corn ethanol plants in POET’s network.

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Riverside Technologies Inc - RTI

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RTI offers nationwide service capabilities, with access to a network of over 4,000 technicians. As an HP Elite Partner, they are one of the leading HP Public Sector Partners and resellers and the fastest-growing HP Partner.

Customization, integration and deployment of computer systems and accessories are the sole focuses of RTI. They’ve worked with a multitude of organizations in varying industries across the country, so they understand your unique challenges and can scale a solution to fit any need. They have the professionalism and experience to put your technology assets to work quickly and efficiently, with minimum interruption to your organization.

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Sidewalk Technologies, LLC

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Small Business Administration/SCORE

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The regional SBA office is located in the SDTBC building. They assist small businesses primarily with their guaranteed loan programs learn more at their web site.

Counselors to America's Small Business is the SCORE slogan, they are a network of volunteers with experience and expertise in business. The Sioux Falls branch is an active group of volunteers who will work with entrepreneurs to develop their business; if there is not a good local resource, you can connect with their national network of volunteers.

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Small Business Development Center

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The Small Business Development Center has office in several locations throughout South Dakota. Their Sioux Falls office is located at SDTBC. They provide free consultation to entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs related to preparing business plans and financial pro formas for business plans.

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South Dakota Biotech Association

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South Dakota Biotech is the state affiliate of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO). This non-profit organization is dedicated to developing biotechnology through expanding research, advocacy, funding, education, infrastructure development and promotion.

Formed in 2006, South Dakota Biotech serves a membership which includes business, universities, service providers and state-wide economic development entities to expand the bioscience industry. The primary goals of the association are to:
// Connect leaders and experts.
// Collaborate to shape the future.
// Drive innovation to feed, fuel, and heal the world.

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South Dakota Chapter of the Project Management Institute

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The mission of the PMI Sioux Empire Chapter is to promote project management methodologies, enhance knowledge and skills, and add value to it's membership, business, and the community.

South Dakota Manufacturing and Technology Solutions

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The South Dakota Manufacturing and Technology Solutions’ mission is “To provide solutions which will assist all of South Dakota manufacturers to prosper and grow”.

With their manufacturing experts and network of industry resources, they provide the change that makes the significant difference between surviving and thriving. Their tailored solutions, university and community connections, and engineering know-how can help your company stay abreast of the latest technologies and best practices in engineering and business management.

Their vision is “To be the first choice of South Dakota manufacturers, as a trusted partner, to advance their economic prosperity and become best in their markets”.

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Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies - SGT

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Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies, Inc. (SGT), an aerospace services company, was founded in 1994 by Harold Stinger and Dr. Kam Ghaffarian. They are headquartered in Greenbelt, Maryland with locations throughout the country. They are dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing high quality support in the areas of Engineering, Science, Project Management and Information Technology. They support substantial contracts for various government agencies including NASA, DoD, NOAA, USGS, and USAID. They also maintain strong affiliations and active partnerships with companies throughout the nation and work to Achieve Results and Exceed Expectations.

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Sunbird Software LLC

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Sunbird Software is changing the way data centers are being managed. With a focus on real user scenarios for real customer problems, Sunbird helps data center operators manage tasks and processes faster and more efficient than ever before, while saving costs and improving availability. They strive to eliminate the complexity they have been forced to accept from point tools and home grown applications, removing the dependency on emails and spreadsheets to transform the delivery of data center services. Sunbird delivers on this commitment with unexpected simplicity through products that are easy to find, buy, deploy, use, and maintain.

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SynZyme Technologies LLC is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing drugs for the treatment of life threatening disruption of blood flow. SynZyme’s platform technology of catalytic caged nitric oxide has enabled the development of drugs that enhance blood flow in critical organs and treat the toxicity of acute hemoglobin release, excessive superoxide production and nitric oxide depletion.


Throne Publishing

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Throne Publishing Group’s CEO, Jeremy Brown, has personally been involved with publishing over 250 books in his career as a publisher with clients in over 20 countries and nearly every state in the US. His extensive, research-driven experience has made Jeremy an authority on content marketing, book publishing and business development. Jeremy’s unique combination of business development and book publishing makes him and his team a dynamic resource for helping businesses grow.

Union Labs & Testing

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Virtuoso offers the business community access to project specialists, without the investment of an infrastructure to support them. With ever-evolving technology and increasingly sophisticated markets, companies are looking outside their own boxes for creative solutions, tighter cost control, improved risk management and process overhauls. Virtuoso talent takes on the unique dynamics of each situation, helping to define the dilemma and articulate a comprehensive solution.