South Dakota Technology Business Center

Networking Opportunities

Being a successful entrepreneur includes involvement in the business world and community. An important development issue for new entrepreneurs is taking the steps to get involved and remain connected. Attending SDTBC sponsored-activities, programs and social events is important for client companies. The SDTBC sponsors two all-building events each year. A summer disc golf outing and a holiday potluck have been successful. SDTBC also acknowledges new client companies and graduating companies with open house events and/or receptions to bring clients together for introductions and recognition of accomplishments.

I.N. After Hours

I.N. After Hours is a regularly scheduled opportunity for entrepreneurs to network with other business owners, investors, business professionals and service providers as a part of Innovation Network South Dakota. These activities focus primarily on the aspect of networking to help entrepreneurs grow their business. The I.N. After Hours events are designed to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, business professionals and resource providers in informal environments with little or no structured program.

Friday Afternoon Club

This is a regular networking opportunity for client CEOs and their management team to get together with other entrepreneurs. Friday Afternoon Club takes place quarterly and is an informal gathering to share ideas, conversation and discussion related to current business issues. This type of networking event provides clients with opportunities to learn from one another and truly adds value to the entrepreneurial experience at SDTBC. Occasionally client companies share their recent successes or challenges to get conversation going.

Other Networking Opportunities

Participation in the Chamber of Commerce, local business organizations, local service organizations, your trade or industry conference, or trade shows can be vital for small business success and is encouraged by SDTBC. Presenting or participating on panels, etc. for trade shows, conferences or expos is also encouraged.