South Dakota Technology Business Center

Programs to Fit Your Needs

The SDTBC Client Service Program has been designed to be broad in scope and adaptable to suit the wide range of needs of our current and future clients.

The primary mission of the Client Services Program is to help entrepreneurs develop their business as a work-in-progress and give clients and prospective clients a glimpse at what the SDTBC can help them become. The program provides a new entrepreneur with some structure to help them find their own way to grow and succeed.

Because we work with businesses in various stages, and individuals who have widely varying needs, the program is a series of activities and events that each business will be expected to use to their own advantage. This approach allows us to work with clients to help identify the areas they need to work on and help them keep the focus on their own business’ success.

Client Assessment

The Client Services Program begins at or before the client move-in date with an assessment of their specific needs. The assessment includes a meeting during which the principal(s) from the client firm and the Client Services Manager conduct a SWOT analysis and discuss the company’s needs. The meeting will result in a list of objectives for growth with a focus on goals for the company’s first year at the Technology Business Center. Each client firm will meet for a reassessment at each anniversary to evaluate success and identify goals for the coming year. Clients may request reassessments at six-month intervals if they choose.

The client assessment will be used to set minimum standards or expectations and provide encouragement to achieve excellence. The challenges of entrepreneurialism can be quite diverse, and the specifics of the program will change and evolve as the variable needs of clients emerge.

Client Reporting and Success Tracking

The current and future success of the SDTBC requires us to be able to report back to our supporters and stakeholders. For this reason, and to help ensure a long and prosperous future, SDTBC collects economic impact data on an annual basis to provide information to show how SDTBC has impacted the local, regional and state economy.

All clients are expected to provide general data related to employee numbers and salaries, sales, debt and equity capital, grant revenue, commercialization and patents when they begin their association with SDTBC. Clients must also report annually through their graduation, and for at least five years thereafter. All client information is held in strict confidence and only aggregate information is publicly reported.