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Inanovate Develops New Technology to Detect Breast Cancer

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. –   Inanovate, Inc., a North Carolina-based company performing cutting-edge research alongside Sanford Health, has developed a technology to detect and measure multiple proteins for medical research and clinical diagnostics. The technology, if successful, could be used for breast cancer research and ultimately early diagnosis of the deadly disease, according to Inanovate, Inc…. Read more »

SDTBC doubles Boot Camp and Accelerator offering for 2014

Sioux Falls, SD – Entrepreneurs can take advantage of two offerings of the combined South Dakota Technology Business Center Business Launch Boot Camp and Accelerator program in 2014. The program combines a three-day boot camp with five monthly one-day sessions all focused on helping entrepreneurs launch and scale their companies. Participants are selected through a… Read more »

South Dakota Funding Support Technology, Entrepreneurs and Start-up Businesses

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development was awarded $92,500 from the Small Business Administration (SBA) FAST program to support entrepreneurs and businesses accepted into the South Dakota Technology Business Center’s Accelerator program. “Technology businesses often need to test a prototype or have their product certified before they can obtain funding or begin selling their product. … Read more »

Educator turning her father’s high-tech hobby into a business

Lisa Rinaldo of Sioux Falls is turning her inventive father’s hobby into a business. Her father, John Ebbinghaus, is a mechanical engineer who has invented several different types of electrically conductive pastes. Their business, Prohm-tect, makes and sells pastes for bridging gaps in conductivity for use in places such as fuel cells in power plants… Read more »

Rapid City startup’s product may help clean the world

A casual conversation about research at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology led to test products that have generated preliminary interest from biotech companies. During his first month on the campus of the Rapid City university more than eight years ago, Dr. Todd J. Menkhaus had a discussion with a fellow faculty member,… Read more »

Consultant’s retirement leads to new business venture

Faye Wright didn’t think she was the entrepreneurial type. She planned to take life easy after she stepped away from IT consulting in 2011. “I retired with the idea of staying home and reading,” she says. “I didn’t retire with the idea of starting a new business.” But starting a new business is what she’s… Read more »

Farmcast creates software to help ag producers

Farmcast creates software to help ag producers Farmers spend too much time doing paperwork, especially after long days in the field, says Curtis Ahlemeier. He’s tackling the issue by developing software to help agricultural producers become more organized, efficient and productive. “My goal is to keep the farmers out in the field, to keep them… Read more »

Family teams up to create and advance brace-cover business

Linda Leier Thomason jokes that her family’s business, Braced With Style, is the result of teen   embarrassment. Thomason and her husband, Kenneth Thomason, were visiting a college campus in Florida in August 2012 with their son, Alexander Thomason. It was a hot day, so Linda, who has scoliosis and wears a brace, was navigating the… Read more »

Jobs and sales numbers spike in latest SDTBC impact data

Sioux Falls, SD – The South Dakota Technology Business Center’s economic impact data shows both employment and sales numbers grew significantly for its clients and graduates at the end of 2012.  In 2012 the number of clients and graduate employees increased from 443 to 581.5 FTE’s, a gain of 138.5 and these same companies had… Read more »

Sidewalk Technologies engineers solutions to improve efficiency

When Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center was redesigning its pharmacy in 2012, Thomas Johnson sought help to improve the department’s internal communications system. Johnson, director of hospital pharmacy, asked for suggestions, and an employee connected the department with entrepreneur Amos Kittelson, who specializes in technology architecture. Kittelson and his start-up business, Sidewalk Technologies,… Read more »